Hartridge Sabre CRi Expert

The most advanced multi-make common-rail injector test bench available

The Sabre CRi Expert is capable of testing upcoming high pressure common-rail diesel injectors including

Euro 6 heavy duty Delphi F2X injectors, Euro 4 Delphi Smart, Bosch 117 family, Bosch CRIN twin coil injectors, and Denso i-ART

Pressure testing up to 2700 bar.

Unlike other methods of measuring injector response time which only monitor electrical signals to determine solenoid actuation, Hartridge measures the full event. FERT includes all internal elements of the injector to give you a complete view of the response time of the injector from electrical activation to the injection event.

Built into the software are a number of additional test steps to offer further levels of expert diagnostics for the latest high pressure applications. Nozzle Opening Pressure (NOP) checks for correct mechanical function of the nozzle to open at the required pressure to achieve the intended atomisation.

Minimum Drive Pulse (MDP) is a dynamic delivery sweep test that provides the MDP measurement & also the ability to determine the profile of the delivery curve thanks to the new graph functions implemented into the magmahTouch software.

Specific testing has also been developed for the new internal pressure sensor in Denso’s latest injector technology, i-ART, measuring the fluctuations of pressure to ensure accurate testing. Thanks to these enhanced features we can offer a wider range of services.

Modern vehicles with the need for higher pressure testing of diesel injectors include:

Mercedes Actros - DAF - Check the graph above for specific injector models we can test