We have the most up to date and comprehensive testing equipment in Cumbria

We are able to test all common rail, including smart piezo, injectors using the latest Corona Test Equipment and data.
This enables us to ensure the best possible test results.

Each injector is run continuously at up to 2000 bar constant pressure.
All fuel delivery measurements are taken over 2000/counted revolutions which enables us to give an accurate and detailed test result.

We will also test the IMA deliveries both pre and post top dead centre.

Prior to a full injector test, we check all solenoid injectors with the Delphi YDT720 for insulation inductance and resistance.
All smart piezo injectors are checked with the Bosch FSA050  to check the integrity of the piezo.

Upon completion of the injector tests we provide a test plan which includes test data results and comments.
We are more than happy to discuss these in detail with you.


We also offer an in house injector reconditioning service, where faulty injectors are stripped, ultra sonically cleaned and reset using genuine parts where available.
This service comes with a one year guarantee as standard, subject to terms and conditions.