Delphi Approved Injector Testing in the UK, Cumbria and North West


Extract Engineering are one of only 12 authorised Delphi Commercial Test and Repair Centres in the UK. We have recently installed and commissioned upgrades to our testing capabilities. We are able to take the EUI and Smart diesel injectors from your fleet of buses, trucks, and larger vans. Extract Rngineering conduct the most detailed testing and fault analysis available to the commercial transport and heavy goods industries in the North West and Borders.

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The commercial Delphi manufactured diesel injectors and pumps we can test and maintain for you, range from E3 onwards. These include Delphi EUI (Electronic Unit Injector), EUP (Electronic Unit Pumps), and Smart type Injectors.

We test all of these injectors on the newest electronic diesel injector test bench: the Hartridge AVM-2 PC. This machine also has the HK1500 cam box attached. That combination of high technology equipment enables us to test and repair your injectors and pumps to OEM (manufacturer) standards, complete with new coding. This ensures optimum performance and efficiency once refitted to your engines.

We have completed all the relevant official Delphi training courses to ensure that all of our customers receive an excellent service.

Expert Testing of Delphi Injectors For Haulage and Transport Operators

Vehicles which have these Delphi diesel fuel injectors fitted:

  • EUI - Volvo and Renault
  • EUP - DAF, Pacar and Mercedes
  • Smart - DAF, Pacar and Mercedes

Delphi Injector Reconditioning to Improve Transport Emissions and Operating Costs

Testing Delphi diesel injectors is important for a number of reasons. The diesel engines in commercial haulage and transport fleets are possibly the hardest working internal combustion units on the planet. Delphi have innovated constantly to make their injectors as effective as possible in reducing emissions and keeping operating costs within sensible boundaries.

The exceptionally high pressures, innumerable injection cycles and fairly extreme operating environment in modern EUI injectors produce wear and tear. Testing your Delphi diesel injectors and pumps is usually just the start of the process.

If the injectors come through with a clean test all is well and good. Frequently though, the units will have developed faults which the AVM-2 PC diesel test bench can detect. Delphi injector pump problems can be easily identified by this rig as well.

  • Delphi Injector Cleaning: As well as our testing capabilities there is a powerful ultra-sonic cleaning bath. This quickly strips away grime, gunk and other harder deposits that are left behind by the diesel fuel and additives.
  • Delphi Injector Repair: We have been trained to repair the full range of Delphi fuel injection system components. We use genuine Delphi injector parts to ensure that you get injectors back to OEM specification.
  • Delphi Injector Coding: the AVM-2 PC with Delphi IRIS software is the only platform recognised for providing the right Delphi EUI diesel injector code after a thorough test, clean and repair. You can rest assured that when you refit the diesel injectors to your engines again, they will keep those vehicles operating as efficiently as possible.
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