Extract Engineering is a leading diesel fuel injector service based in Carlisle, just off junction 44 of the M6 motorway. We are now the “go to” specialist in diesel fuel injection systems of lorries, vans and cars in Cumbria and South West Scotland. All of our common rail pump testing is carried out using the very latest Hartridge Sabre CRi testing bench.

With our state-of-the-art testing facilities we are confident that we can identify issues with your injectors. Our service is aimed at garage owners, commercial fleet operators, agricultural and plant engineers with fuel injection issues.

Types Of Injector and Pump Testing Offered by Extract Engineering

We offer several types of injector testing services. These include the latest high pressure injectors and pumps, found in modern common rail diesel fuel systems. We have invested in the very latest testing technology to supplement our years of experience with diesel system diagnostic tests.

Our mix of modern test equipment and experience gives you the best service available in Cumbria and South West Scotland.

Common Rail Diesel Injector Test

We can test and recondition injectors manufactured by VDO, DENSO, Bosch and Delphi.

Common Rail Fuel Pump Testing

Our testing rig in Carlisle can accurately test and fault find the latest common rail diesel pumps. We can test at fuel pressures up to 2000 bar.

Diesel Injector & Pump Cleaning & Refurbishment

As well as testing, we offer a complete repair and reconditioning service. This includes an ultrasonic injector cleaning service as part of the process.

Garages, commercial fleet operators, agricultural and plant engineers all trust our services. We have returned diesel engines to full efficiency and low emissions for owners across Cumbria, South West Scotland and Lancashire.

Common Issues with Diesel Fuel Injectors

We know how to test diesel injectors for issues that can make diesel engines thirsty, dirty and polluting. Modern diesel engines are complex. Common fuel injection problems can be challenging for even the  most experienced technicians to diagnose.

These issues may include:

Poor Injector Installation: Poor installation practices can cause misfires, excessive smoke emissions, poor fuel economy and sluggish performance.

Low Quality Alternative Parts: Many examples of alternative manufactured injectors lack the durability or reliability of the maunfacturers original equipment. In almost all cases the original branded injectors and pumps , although dearer are more economical in the medium to long term.

Poor Fuel Filtering: This can cause the control valve to wear away prematurely. Particles can stop the seal working properly. This degrades the performance of diesel fuel injectors. Symptoms can include starting problems, excessive smoke, and even engine damage.

Contaminated Fuel: Most diesel injection system problems can be traced back to contaminated fuel. Contamination can be due to water, particles of dust or metal, often caused by poor fuel storage. Contamination usually leads to erratic fuel delivery, corrosion and the problems mentioned above.

Testing fuel injectors isn’t really a job for the enthusiast anymore. Modern diesel fuel systems are complex and operate at extremely high pressures: up to 39,000 psi. They rely on sophisticated electronic sensors and electronically controlled systems. This takes them to a whole new level!

Flow testing and spray pattern tests aren't the only thing you need to be testing. Modern systems need fuel injector electrical tests for resistance, inductance and a range of other parameters.

Bring your diesel injectors to Extract Engineering in Carlisle for all your testing requirements. We will give you peace of mind on any Delphi, Bosch, VDO or Denso diesel injectors and their pumps.

We only use the highest-quality original parts where possible. Our service is backed up with a 12 month warranty, subject to terms & conditions.